Sean Chen

Control Panel
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The Game

How to play

Design Ideas

  • Game board design

    layout, logo, branding, message displaying, counting, etc.
  • The rain dorp strategy...

    Border caculation
    When to show up?
    How fast it drop?
    When to disapear?
  • The counting strategy...

    what to count? total letter? failed letter?
  • The level up strategy...

    when to level up?
    what to reward for level up?
  • The game over strategy...

    when to game over?

Design and Development Memos

  • Dependences: d3, d3-cloud, jQuery
    Bootstrap is optional.
  • Math.random will return range between 0 and 1. It will include 0 but NOT include 1.
  • Q: what is the effecient way to control the size of the word cloud?

About text

  • text could have all CSS style attributes, including font-family, font-size, etc.
  • The generic family name monospace has the same fixed width for all glyphs. Here is a example font family: "Lucida Console", Courier, monospace
  • SVG Element text from MDN is very good!